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Yes, all doors and drawers from Hugo&Borg have the soft-close feature.

Our fillers are 5/8” thick.
Our hinges are available in sets of 2 per pack.
Yes. You can mix and match Beaumont and Jolie finishes together, Charlesberg and Rosemont finishes together, Charlesberg and Lasalle finishes together, Savane and Lasalle finishes together, and Lorette and Riviera finishes together.
Our cabinets ship within 21 days from our distribution centre, however in home delivery typically occurs the following week. Our delivery team will contact you to arrange an exact day / time window that is most convenient to you.
No, currently we do not have this accessory.
Our base cabinets come with a pair of clips in a small bag on the inside of the cabinet. The pressure-fit clips easily snap to the top of the toe-kick with no hardware required. To install the toe-kick clip, push the clip onto the top of the toe-kick as shown in illustrations A and B below. Insert the top first and then push at the bottom to make a tight fit.
You will need to use contact cement to apply on both surfaces (the edge tape and the surface you are mounting to). Dry process is strongly recommended. You can purchase contact cement from your local Lowe’s, Rona and Réno-Dépôt stores and obtain more information about proper usage.
The below images show how to adjust the hinges. If you need further assistance, please contact us.
It may surprise you that painted MDF and engineered wood doors are a very similar price to solid painted maple doors. We use MDF and engineered wood as they prevent hairline fractures at the joints in doors. This means our doors will look great for years to come.
Yes – we are happy to help, and the best part is it’s completely free of charge! Simply fill out our design request form and we’ll send you a complete set of drawings and design within 48 hours.

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